Sunday, October 2, 2011

best kept secret in leesville, la

Last Saturday night Josh decided that we needed a "fancy date night".  We got dressed up in some of our nicest attire & went out on a very romantic date.  We started the night by going to a free dueling pianos show put on by the MWR (Morale, Welfare & Recreation).  These guys were hilarious & great at what they do.  We were super impressed by their wit & talent.  

Then we went to wine & dine at the cutest little place here!  Josh started doing some research online to find the nicest place for a dinner date & ran across Booker-Lewis Bed & Breakfast.  He almost dismissed it, but then saw that they're also a restaurant.  So glad we went.  The restaurant is in a cute two-story house with an envied wrap-around porch.  The food was so good I cried a little.  Seriously the best food I've had since we've been here!  Check out the gorgeous Booker-Lewis Restaurant.
Source: Booker-Lewis House
We sat at the table in the bottom right corner.  No one else was dining inside, which allowed us to be as goofy as we wanted
Source: Booker-Lewis House
If we get snow on the ground this year, I will be so excited!  Isn't it just lovely?
Source: Booker-Lewis House
Next door is this adorable house that is home to more hotel rooms as well as John Beck's Pub.  We enjoyed a drink & chatted with another military couple that has been here for 2 years. They let us in on some great travel spots in the area.  The porch at John Beck's Pub is absolutely gorgeous & I cannot wait until they open it up!
Source: Booker-Lewis House
The waitstaff blew us away.  They were fun & accommodating.  We were trying to take a picture of ourselves (you know the "Miley Cyrus pose" as Josh likes to call it)  We failed miserably.  One of the waitress' witnessed this & she offered to take this picture of us in front of the fireplace. She was so very sweet.
He's so handsome

We really need to get a good camera.  As you can see by those last pictures, iphones don't always take the greatest of pictures.  Sure, some come out beautiful, but only in the perfect lighting.  

Needless to say we loved it & will be returning soon & often! 

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