Thursday, August 25, 2011


This summer has been full of firsts: first time wife, first big move, first time in the "deep south", first time living on an army post, first time (seriously) eating healthy & first time making a home together. Oh, & first time blogger.  Here's some captured moments of our journey thus far:

Josh's first time at Eureka Burger before we left the 'No for Louisiana. He's now their biggest fan

Our first time to Las Vegas.

At one of the many Taco Bell stops between California & Louisiana. We sure do love some Taco Bell.

That is not your ordinary "deep fried whatever on a stick"....this is gator on a stick... as in alligator. Yep this was found at the Mandeville Seafood Festival near New Orleans.  It was way too chewy for me. He enjoyed it, yet then again, this guy would eat just about anything. Side note: Louisiana is ALL about festivals.  They even have a festival about festivals. WHAT? See here:

Finally used to seeing my honey in this uniform everyday. Oh, & see those boxes in the background? I am happy to say that those have all been unpacked.

"Battle of the Barges" fireworks show on the Mississippi River in New Orleans for the 4th of July.

Come to find out, we are not so good at taking pictures of ourselves...& by "we" I mean me. This one turned out just swell though 

The beautiful trail behind our neighborhood. Its like living in a forest here. Fun fact: the army chose fort polk as training location because it so closely resembles the jungles of Vietnam. 

I devoured this book {Mere Christianity} by C.S. Lewis within days. I could almost hear his rich British accent as I read his words. Let me tell you, this one is worth reading.

I've been eating much healthier with a little help from friends. Did you know there are entire blogs & websites devoted to sharing great-tasting healthy meals? So thankful! Both of these recipes can be found at:

Caramelized Tofu with Brussels Sprouts 

Raw Taco Fiesta

We are slowly making our house into a home.  There are finally things on the walls.

I have this new obsession with shutters.  I made this jewelry holder from an old shutter. Let me tell you, I am terribly proud of this first project.

Beautiful summer sunsets.

That's what we have been up to this summer.  Can't wait to see what other adventures come our way.